How To Pick The Right Flight Training School

With all the recent advances in computer technology and Internet speed, more and more people have installed flight simulators on their computers and learned how to fly, digitally. This digital flying has become habit-forming to many wannabe flyers and led to an increase in enrollment in real flight schools. Although the digital flight simulators are very closely related to actually flying, there is nothing like the absolute exhilaration that one can experience flying an airplane for real.

Let’s take a look at some of the factors involved in enrolling in flight school and learning how to fly. One of the first tips on picking a good flight school is knowing what kind of equipment they’re going to be training you on. Before you enroll in any school you need to ask what kind of airplanes they’re going to be using, and it’s just as important to know what year the airplane is as well. Many schools will be using older planes from the 60′s and 70′s that don’t have any kind of modern instruments.

You’ll want to make sure that you get to learn on planes newer than 2001 that will include GPS and many other modern instruments. The next most important factor will be the flight instructors. Some fight instructors are born teachers, and are in the business to teach people how to fly, and that’s their main goal. Other flight instructors are building hours in the air for themselves, and as soon as they reach a certain milestone, they will be on to a new job, leaving you looking for a new teacher.

This can significantly slow down your progress as each new instructor needs to learn about your progress. Inquire as to how many years in the air each of the instructors has, that will help you weed out those that are looking to move on soon. The final consideration will be the cost, which will very depending on where the school is located, the planes used, and the type of airport. Big airports and nice aircraft will cost more, but if that is the kind of airport you intend to fly out of, it’s worth the price.

Make sure and read the fine print so you’re not paying extra for fuel, or landing fees either. So, if you’ve been training on a flight simulator at home for quite some time and now you feel like you want to get in the air for real, follow the above tips and you’ll find an excellent flight training school at an airport near you that you can afford.